E-Learning for International Commerce Digital Marketing (E-ICOM) is a strategic educational partnership funded by the Erasmus + Programme and made up of organisations in Spain, Italy and Greece. It brings together vocational training centres, organisations participating in vocational training programmes and Chambers of Commerce, which will cooperate in the development of a MOOC course in Digital Marketing in e-learning mode for students, professionals and entrepreneurs interested in International Trade. The participation of the Chambers of Commerce in each of their countries will play a vital role in adapting the contents of the MOOC to the needs of each of the countries and corresponding training centres.

The main objective of the E-ICOM project is to contribute to the development of relationships between VET institutions and the needs of companies, in order to promote the employability of students. The implementation of a course that will provide students, tutors and staff of SMEs with a better understanding of the export sector and contribute to the competitiveness of enterprises in the three countries represented.

The main outcome to be developed in the project is a pedagogical resource through a MOOC course. This resource will be produced in all languages of the partnership with input from all partners. The modules that the MOOC course will have will be divided in 2 blocks: a generic one composed by 3 topics and a specific one composed by 3 blocks (one for each country). The generic block will have as main topics: Marketing Research, Digital Marketing and International Marketing. In the specific block, each country will develop a theoretical-practical course of the MOOC contents applied to a more convenient economic sector of each region/country, advised by the Chambers of Commerce.

The partners have the professional and technical resources to fully develop the product. Short-term staff mobility has been incorporated into the work plan to contribute to the exchange of practices and opinions in the design and production of the main results. In order to maximize their quality, the products will be tested and validated in all countries incorporating suggestions from external stakeholders. Multiplier events are planned in all countries to promote the results and contribute to their sustainability.

The main output will be open to the public and accessible directly from the website, and the electronic platforms best suited to promote it, including the Erasmus+ results platform.

The project will be disseminated to additional VET institutions by relying on companies and associations linked to the Chambers of Commerce, in order to relate the needs of the latter to the educational and training activities of students.

Through the dissemination strategy, E-ICOM expects to attract the interest of about 1,500 relevant actors for the project in the three participating countries, using channels such as multiplier events (4 during the life of the project), local and regional information sessions, newsletters, specialized articles, and the advertising of the initiative on the project website. The target groups of the dissemination strategy are VET schools, teachers and students; local/regional educational authorities, SME professionals and companies from the sectors chosen by each of the countries to generate impact: fashion sector, tourism sector and agro-food sector. 

The initiative is planned to be sustainable by its own means once the project reaches its end.


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