Pavia Chamber of Commerce is a public body and therefore supports and promotes services of interest to the firms and enterprises located in the province of Pavia. The Chamber, together with its Special agency Paviasviluppo, promotes activities that focus on encouraging entrepreneurial training and tuition, facilitated credit for businesses, innovation and transfer of technologies, the protection and safeguard of the environment in relation to manufacturing activities, infrastructure development and the use of the resources within the area. It also focuses on targeted activities that aim to boost the economic development of the area and the level of competitiveness of the local business system at a domestic and international level. Further functions include the administration protocols stipulated by the law (registration of companies, enterprises and professionals and other related procedures) and the promotion of fair and equitable codes of practice for all business contracts.



Business Registry-This function ensures proper management of company data and regulatory aspects relating to the Business Registry, maintaining established standards of quality, speed of service and relations with various professionals or non-professionals.

Business Infopoint (Impresattiva)- Impresattiva constitutes the Chamber’s front office offering rationally managed multi-functional information points providing promotional services and information.

Business Development- This office actively contributes to the development of markets and businesses in the Pavia area and gathers economic and statistical information.


Paviasviluppo is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia. It undertakes activities to promote and support economic activity in the following areas: entrepreneurial and professional training, assistance and support to business creation, internationalization and innovation of SMEs, technology transfer and sustainable development and territorial marketing.


The Pavia Chamber of Commerce - via Mentana 27, Pavia
Phone: +39 0382 3931
Public Relation Office: phone  +39 0382 393250 email
Paviasviluppo : phone +39 0382 393271 email


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