Founded on April 14, 2000, CEFORA is a consulting company that provides strategic solutions to companies and institutions, in the public and private spheres, in different areas of specialization such as scheduled training, the strategic plan of a company and the consulting of International Trade.

Currently, it has a large team of highly qualified experts who, together with the experience accumulated since its constitution, make CEFORA one of the main companies of reference in this field.

Our mission is to help companies to be high-level organizations being strategic allies to generate the value that suits their real needs, those of their clients and those of the market.

For this we have the enthusiasm, commitment and innovation at the service of our clients, the best team of professionals in constant updating, with a commitment to continuous improvement in the development of talent and with great capacity for teamwork. We adapt the products and customize them for you with the guarantee of our passion for excellence in all areas of consulting, both nationally and internationally, and we also incorporate the latest learning technologies and methodologies.


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The official Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services is a public-spirited society, it represents, promotes and differs from the general intelligence of the society of Madrid and collaborates with the public in the administration of industry, industry and services in community. Madrid.


Promotes the creation of az and e parrot development through services tailored to their needs.

It promotes the internationalization and competitiveness of the press, as ways of growth and expansion.

· Guiding companies towards innovation and improving their productivity

Migrate the qualification and training of human capital in all areas of the store.

To achieve these goals, the Madrid Chamber offers a wide range of services to and from Madrid companies, quality services tailored to their needs, which aim to promote and will support their growth, consolidated and expansion:

Internationalization. We cherished a vast challenge of contatio all over the world and every year we advise over 20,000 companies in their international expansion.

Business Development. We advise over 5,000 entrepreneurs and 10,000 companies each year in their consolidation and growth.

· Innovation and e-Business. Over 3,000 companies recommend each year.

Certified camera. More than 18,000 audits since 1998 support our business.

Madrid Court of Arbitration. In his over 28 years of experience, The Court has examined the thousands of the arbitration process, rendering it the main arbitration institute in Spain and one of the first in Europe.

Madrid corporate mediation center. One essential for managing instrumental business conflicts.

· Training. Over 30 years of experience, supported by more than 150,000 students.

Space rental. The best scene for your business.

Madrid Chamber Club. One privileged network space.


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